As some of us rush into the Easter holiday weekend, I found myself walking along the river in Kyoto, appreciating a moment of wabi-sabi

Fallen leaves on the floor, pink cherry petals floating on the air, overcast sky, grey concrete buildings on the background, tranquility.

A humble moment of simplicity.

Beauty in imperfection.

A reminiscence of blooming cherries.

That’s what wabi-sabi is about: in traditional Japan it indicates the ability to see beyond outward beauty, the ability to recognise unseen qualities as they don’t manifest in the reality, yet they are held and created in our minds.

Wabi-sabi is mindfulness. It’s about embracing the moment and accepting it as it is, beautifully imperfect. Accepting the decadence and growth of a moment, and- as humans- perhaps accepting the vulnerability of the body and the mind, using self-compassion to celebrate the imperfection.

I talk about wabi-sabi a lot when working with my clients. Especially with high achievers, whether they be artists, executives, athletes, parents, leaders …

Anyone whose pursue for perfection is making them unhappy.

In fact, accepting the ‘unpolished’ is fun- it means to learn, innovate, accept, move forward, develop, grow, and embrace the moment as it is, disciplining the mind to see the inner beauty (positivity) of that instant.

It takes

Gratitude ~Self-compassion ~A flexible mindset ~Mindfulness ~Resilience

to develop wabi-sabi.

The tranquillity, freedom and sense of peace we feel when we can see beyond the cherry blossoms are powerful senses, as they help us grow as individuals.

If you want to know more how I can help you to develop your wabi-sabi, email me or come to one of my Kokoro workshops.

Wishing you an imperfect Easter xx

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