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Hi! I thought you might be interested in seeing where Kokoro goes and what exciting adventures we get into. So, this page is for you curious explorer.

Thanks to you I am on an amazing business and life journey 🙂



Recently I had the opportunity to take Kokoro on air as I was invited to talk about resilience and company culture at East London Radio, during ‘Bread & Butter’ show, presented by Ian Chambers and Michaela Pontiki. We had such fascinating conversations! You can listen to the recordings clicking in the links below:

11.06.2019  here (me from 1:06h)

23.07.2019 here (me from  1:00h)



From time to time I run workshops or facilitate team sessions.

You can read about my previous resilience course here.

And some lovely community work I’ve done with amazing women: snippets here on Insta!

A few weeks ago I also facilitated a team session at Arapina, creating a ‘Thinking Environment’, following the model invented by the amazing Nancy Klein.  Here a snippet on Instagram!

More to follow….



 MTPT project

Back in 2018 I had the privilege to start working for a wonderful organisation, the Maternity Teacher Paternity Teacher project, focused on coaching teachers who want to complete their CPDs whilst on parental leave. The organisation is one of a kind, run entirely by volunteers and the amazing founder Emma Sheppard. 

I love my work with the MTPT so much that I thought I would share it here too to inspire other people to believe it is possible to make a difference in the world, whatever shape that takes for you. 

Have a look at what we do, there might be someone you know in the education world who might benefit from the MTPT work!




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