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Helping you find your resilient & authentic self


I’m Assunta

I’m a coach that specialises in resilience and employee engagement.

I’ve worked all over the world for brands large and small including Kantar Media,, Tesco, Photobox and Moonpig.

I know what it means to navigate the corporate world: there is fun, there are challenges, aspirations and frustration. Lots of learning, and often very little ‘human’ side.

I setup Kokoro Consultancy, where people can feel comfortable with having genuine conversations. A coaching space where people learn to accept who they are, without fear but with the confidence and the resilience of a curious explorer.

Welcome to Kokoro!


What I Offer

Personal Coaching

I help overachieving individuals who are overwhelmed by stress and demands to become more resilient so that they are free to live the life they want with more purpose and energy.

I really believe that If you find the courage to be honest with yourself, a new world of possibilities will open up for you.

I help you find the courage to challenge your beliefs, gain new perspectives and embrace the freedom to be your authentic self. If you are ready to go deep and being challenged, then we are ready to work together and create a plan for your dream aspirations!.

Employee Engagement Coaching

I help leaders who struggle with retaining their people to create motivated and resilient teams so that their people feel a sense of purpose in driving business performance and feel so proud of working there that don’t want to go anywhere else.

Leaders who have the courage to show their authentic selves and allow space for self-nurturing can inspire people around them, increasing employee productivity and creating a more human culture in the workplace.

I reached out to Assunta to help me shape a team building session for our offsite. She made the briefing process effortless. She quickly identified the key strategic themes with corresponding highly engaging sessions. Frankly the results speak for themselves. The offsite was a huge success and the feedback from the team was a unanimous  “outstanding”.  Assunta’s passion for engagement and coaching just shines through. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again in the future and highly recommend her work. 

Angela Crouch - Managing Director at Resident, UK

There are only a few professionals that will take you from a start up to an established renowned company and Assunta is one of them.

Assunta is an asset to any business out there that aspires to offer meaningful employment at a star struck quality delivered.

Michaela Pontiki- CEO and Founder at Arapina

New To Coaching?

Achieve More With Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is a non-advisory, non-judgmental conversation-based approach with the aim of moving someone from where they are to where they want to be.

It’s about listening, questioning, holding a safe space, offering time and silence, so that the client can feel empowered and supported.

Coaching is not directive and it strongly holds the belief that everyone has the right answers inside themselves.

Coaching is about gently guiding the client through their journey, unleashing their potentials and understandings.

It’s positive, future looking and pragmatic.
Coaching is NOT counselling, mentoring or advice based: it’s an equal trustful partnership.

Who do I work with?

I work with anyone ready to make a change and shift behaviours.

You could be a leader, an entrepreneur, a parent, someone who wants to start a new business, an athlete, an artist, someone wanting a career change or someone who has lost resilience along the way… I work with people from all walks of life.

Coaching is a powerful self-development tool, but it’s not magic: if you are willing to start this journey, you also need to be ready to be challenged, to try new things and adopt a growth mindset.

If this sounds right to you, then coaching might be just what you are looking for!

Why Kokoro?

Kokoro Consultancy has the vision to help people thrive in life and business by bringing back more humanity into the workplace and in everyday life.

Kokoro is a space where people are free to be their authentic self, nurture their feelings and minds (their kokoro in Japanese) and develop resilience.

Kokoro means heart, but also mind, soul, emotions, feelings, mindset. It embraces the whole human experience. It’s a beautiful concept that represents what I would like to bring to all my clients: a space where people can nurture and develop their minds, emotions, and desires. All of this through a true heartfelt approach.

Getting Started is Easy

How I Work

It all starts with an authentic conversation.

Coaching is powerful only if we build a trustful and respectful relationship.

1. Contact me to set up a free discovery call.

I promise there won’t be any cold selling bits here, I genuinely want to see if we can work together. And I bet you do too! 

2. Discovery call and options

Here is where we decide if we are a good fit. And if we are, we will discuss what packages might be best for you or I will tailor a Kokoro proposal which reflects your needs and requirements.

3. Sign our coaching agreement, make the payment and decide our starting date

Clarifying boundaries makes us free. It’s important we contract what we want to achieve, by when and how. Once you sign our agreement and I receive the payment, we will then set up our first coaching session.

4. We start!

Our first session might be a very exploratory one, where we discover what your short and long terms goals are, what’s holding you back from achieving them, what approach is best for you and how you would like to move forward. Sessions are either face to face if in London, or online if in another city, country or continent or if you just prefer doing all over the phone- wherever you are based.

5. Going forward

We will decide the frequency and we will use techniques and resources as we see them suitable. You drive the agenda; I am not here to tell you what to do but to guide you.


What my clients say

When I first contacted Assunta, I thought coaching would be about practical things such as doing my CV, for instance. Well, in fact, it was all about empowering me by becoming aware of my strengths and by facing some of my deepest inner blocks.

Assunta was gentle, but straight to the point. I loved how, by working with her, things started slowly to unravel. I have now some very good tools to use to carrying on moving forward.


Writer & Blogger

I have had a significant journey in a short time! Assunta has helped me explore some of the reasons I have been feeling inadequate and unable to succeed at the level I am employed at (this contributing to significant stress dealing with the day to day).

This work has helped me realise that not only am I capable (and able make positive, practical changes to my stress response) but also has allowed me to see that my perceived weaknesses are actually my strengths and therefore become a more honest and effective leader. In turn this has helped me begin to focus time and emotional effort on my personal goals.


Operations Director

In every session with Assunta I felt I was listened. Her focus was really deep and the challenges she gently but precisely suggested to me were helpful. Thanks to the sessions with her, I regained the energy to keep moving and focus on how to do that.


Marketing Manager


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