Claudia, Managing Director at Camaleon

"A couple of months ago I was feeling low, I was confused about my life and career, I was lacking enthusiasm and motivation. When I contacted Assunta I was pretty skeptical about coaching and the results I could achieve, but I felt I needed to talk to someone, or at least to dedicate some time to myself, to think and put my thoughts and feelings in order. Assunta is a great listener: she allows you talking freely but still she helps you channeling thoughts and words into a clear path: it’s like she helps you unraveling threads. She uses tricks like meditation or easy exercises to help you focus, list priorities and relax. After only 6 sessions with Assunta I was feeling much better, lighter and “sharper”. I strongly recommend Assunta as a personal coach, or personal “listener"

Marketing manager

Edvige, Marketing Manager

"In every session with Assunta I felt I was listened. Her focus was really deep and the challenges she gently but precisely suggested to me were helpful. Thanks to the sessions with her, I regained the energy to keep moving and focus on how to do that. That hour with Assunta was a way for me to stop everything and regain control with a fantastic partner that can, in a skillful way, support you in your journey. I would definitely recommend her."

Sara, Senior Manager

"I believe coaching is a great way to understand and empower ourselves. The experience with Assunta has been very useful for me because she made me look at things from a different point of view and consequently find new approaches and solutions. I also loved the fact that Assunta offers you the opportunity to add mindfulness/yoga to her coaching sessions. A big plus for me!"

Taryn, MAMA.codes Finchley (Creative coding classes for children)

“I came to coaching at a new chapter in my life – first time mother navigating the marvels and challenges of raising a baby alongside a complete career change after my maternity leave had ended. Through our sessions, Assunta helped me identify and understand the negative thoughts and messages I gave myself about fear of failure, stress and setbacks and striving for balance. Assunta provided a space for me to find the answers that I had all along and to make sense of how to use the tools I also discovered I had, to deal with life’s complexities. Assunta is an insightful, compassionate, genuine and approachable coach who I highly recommend for positive transformation.”

Regine, Change Maker & Entrepreneur

"Assunta is an incredible coach. She really listens and in doing so, is really able to see you and ask the right questions. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Assunta. I found them very powerful and they have made a big impact in my life and led to positive change. I am looking forward to moving forward with all I’ve gained from our sessions."

Patrizia, Yoga Teacher

"My sessions with Assunta were an insightful experience in which I found her to be planned, prepared and professional. She was resourceful and had knowledge in a variety of fields, such as mindfulness and visualisation, which furthered her coaching sessions. My progress is a true testament to her help and with this I will be able to continue on my entrepreneurial journey."

Hannah, Writer & Project Manager

“Assunta is a careful listener. She listens quietly, without judgement or gesticulation. This neutral listening, enables honesty. Her communication style is often quite visual, when there aren’t (and sometimes there aren’t) the right words she uses imagery to get to the point. Questions are always on point, they’re insightful and relevant establishing trust and enabling further sharing. I started the sessions with my guard up and by our final meeting I felt like I was having lunch with an old friend.”
Assunta is a careful listener. She listens quietly, without judgement or gesticulation.