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I have had the privilege to work with my coach Assunta Cucca during our professional acceleration programme. Assunta is an excellent listener, compassionate, with inciteful knowledgeable and leverages multiple coaching tools in her engagement. This has been an incredible experience for me, as Assunta helped to provide great insights into human thought processes, unblocking negative experiences and how to rethink positivity into all aspects of ones life. Overall immense benefits was acquired replacing daily life actions with joy, love, empathy and humanity at the heart of everything. I have gained impressive learning about myself, feeling empowered of my capability and capacity as we worked together over the six month programme. Most importantly the work with Assunta has had a remarkable impact in my professional and management performance. I would most certainly recommend Assunta, when you are ready to make a meaningful difference for yourself and all around you.


Sanjeet-IT leader, Standard Chartered Bank

I started working with Assunta as part of my maternity project work, when she was assigned to me as a coach. I wasn’t sure what to expect in these coaching sessions and found the first one a little bit like therapy! Assunta’s sensitive listening and questioning allowed me to reflect on my insecurities in my professional role, as well as giving me space and time to consider how I wanted to develop both in my professional capacity but also in my sense of confidence and self belief. Assunta’s advice was always carefully given, and wisely applied to my individual circumstances, and as our sessions together developed, I found myself really looking forward to seeing how the time with Assunta would develop and what my take aways would be! The time spent on my coaching calls with Assunta has been genuinely rewarding for me and I would heartily recommend her to anyone! 


Head of English

Assunta is a professional coach with lots of business experience. Therefore she easily connected my challenges into actionable insights and tools to further develop my leadership skills. Assunta’s openness, humor and sensitivity during our conversations have been of tremendous importance throughout my coaching journey. I would highly recommend Assunta as a coach!


Director of Employee Experience, Retail

I really appreciated how Assunta always took my different conundrums in stride, calmly asking questions so we could both be clear on what was blocking me in my professional journey and offering me practical tool with which I could tackle the issues that were hindering my progress. I cannot imagine I was easy to coach, my circumstances changed and awful lot over the year we worked together but Assunta was always there, ready to discuss ways for me to approach the challenges that I encountered and helping me be more resilient to the things that I had no control over. I could imagine myself returning to her at some point in the not too distant future if I am once again floundering as a female entrepreneur working in a country in the global south that does not always  make life for the likes of me easy.

Katy Fentress

Arts and Culture Manager

This with Assunta was my first coaching experience, and it was great! During our three months journey she supported me to become aware of many things that were not very clear to me. I learnt how to use some tools and exercises for when I feel lost. I would recommend anyone to try such an experience, even if you feel you are thriving, because when the challenging times arrive it is much more difficult to get back on track. Assunta definitely nailed it!


CEO -Start up, London

When I contacted Assunta, it was because I saw my life and all things around me in a very negative way. Assunta with her empathy and energy, she managed to show me things from another perspective. After each conversation I felt I was gaining more and more awareness, and she understood me straightaway, since the beginning.

I can’t thank her enough!



I am so grateful for the coaching conversations I had with Assunta as part of the Maternity Paternity Teaching Project. I had so many mixed emotions about my job and how my outlook on life and work was changing since becoming a Mother but I didn’t know which emotions and thoughts were temporary (due to lack of sleep) and what had genuinely for me. Assunta skilfully supported me through my decisions about returning to work by helping me to consider my values, face where some of my emotions where coming from and make an action plan. I am so pleased that whilst on maternity leave Assunta’s support helped me gain the confidence to go on a job interview and accept a new teaching job from September which will work better with my life


Assistant Head Teacher

I worked with Assunta with a 6-session package, and I have no words for how
much transformation I underwent in such a short period of time. Assunta’s
ability to listen deeply, guide and help me reflect, as well as holding a safe,
compassionate space, meant I started to let go of so much negative self talk I’d
been holding onto for so long. My work has only just begun, but my confidence
has transformed and I feel armed with so many tools to continue discovering a
more confident, happy self. I highly recommend it if you struggle with self-doubt
which is impacting your ability to move forward.


Motion Graphics and Video Editor

Authentic, helpful, inspiring, genuine. These are the first words that come to my mind when I think of Assunta and my coaching journey with her.

 Thanks to our sessions I understood that a positive attitude and a focus on the outcome can really make a difference. Finding the right balance between my family and my work was my main goal. Through the right questions I managed to figure out what the ideal situation would look like for me. I then started working on a list of things to do to make it real! I believe her experience, along with her relaxed coaching style, were crucial for me to gain more clarity and take the right decision for myself. 

I strongly recommend Assunta and I am grateful for the conversations we had during our journey.


Customer Service Manager

I worked with Assunta for a number of months in 2019 through which she helped me work my way through making a career change. Not really knowing what to expect, Assunta was just amazing to work with. Not only do I feel I have a clearer path but I have a deeper understanding of myself, my habits and finally feel like I have my mojo back in knowing I can make the right decisions for myself. I feel having a coach allowed me to reflect so much of the feelings of doubt I had internally and turned them into rational, practical steps I could take to move forward in a new direction. I also feel it was hugely beneficial to just have someone totally impartial to talk to, who is able to rationalise situations much better than someone who knows you too well!


Stylist and Business Owner

When I first contacted Assunta, I thought coaching would be about practical things such as doing my CV, for instance. Well, in fact, it was all about empowering me by becoming aware of my strengths and by facing some of my deepest inner blocks.

Assunta was gentle, but straight to the point. I loved how, by working with her, things started slowly to unravel. I have now some very good tools to use to carry on moving forward


Writer & Blogger

I remember at our first session, the images in my head were blurry and foggy.

Going forward, I started seeing shapes and colours. Suddenly I felt like I was releasing a huge iron cube on the floor and starting to appreciate the landscape in front of me. I had found answers to questions that I didn’t know to have, and the picture in front of me appeared clear and so beautiful that I felt happy.

Assunta’s coaching style is relaxed, smart and sensitive. I felt I could trust her from the very beginning and that I had in front of me a very smart woman able to quickly understand tricky thoughts.


Wedding Photographer and Business Owner

I have had a significant journey in a short time! Assunta has helped me explore some of the reasons I have been feeling inadequate and unable to succeed at the level I am employed at (this contributing to significant stress dealing with the day to day).

This work has helped me realise that not only am I capable (and able make positive, practical changes to my stress response) but also has allowed me to see that my perceived weaknesses are actually my strengths and therefore become a more honest and effective leader. In turn this has helped me begin to focus time and emotional effort on my personal goals.


Operations Director

A couple of months ago I was feeling low, I was confused about my life and career, I was lacking enthusiasm and motivation. When I contacted Assunta I was pretty skeptical about coaching and the results I could achieve, but I felt I needed to talk to someone, or at least to dedicate some time to myself, to think and put my thoughts and feelings in order. Assunta is a great listener: she allows you talking freely but still she helps you channeling thoughts and words into a clear path: it’s like she helps you unraveling threads. She uses tricks like meditation or easy exercises to help you focus, list priorities and relax. After only 6 sessions with Assunta I was feeling much better, lighter and “sharper”. I strongly recommend Assunta as a personal coach, or personal “listener”.


Managing Director, Camaleon

In every session with Assunta I felt I was listened. Her focus was really deep and the challenges she gently but precisely suggested to me were helpful. Thanks to the sessions with her, I regained the energy to keep moving and focus on how to do that. That hour with Assunta was a way for me to stop everything and regain control with a fantastic partner that can, in a skillful way, support you in your journey. I would definitely recommend her.


Marketing Manager

I believe coaching is a great way to understand and empower ourselves. The experience with Assunta has been very useful for me because she made me look at things from a different point of view and consequently find new approaches and solutions. I also loved the fact that Assunta offers you the opportunity to add mindfulness/yoga to her coaching sessions. A big plus for me!


Senior Manager

I came to coaching at a new chapter in my life – first time mother navigating the marvels and challenges of raising a baby alongside a complete career change after my maternity leave had ended. Through our sessions, Assunta helped me identify and understand the negative thoughts and messages I gave myself about fear of failure, stress and setbacks and striving for balance. Assunta provided a space for me to find the answers that I had all along and to make sense of how to use the tools I also discovered I had, to deal with life’s complexities. Assunta is an insightful, compassionate, genuine and approachable coach who I highly recommend for positive transformation.


Creative coding classes for children, MAMA.codes Finchley

Assunta is an incredible coach. She really listens and in doing so, is really able to see you and ask the right questions. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Assunta. I found them very powerful and they have made a big impact in my life and led to positive change. I am looking forward to moving forward with all I’ve gained from our sessions.


Changemaker & Entrepreneur

My sessions with Assunta were an insightful experience in which I found her to be planned, prepared and professional. She was resourceful and had knowledge in a variety of fields, such as mindfulness and visualisation, which furthered her coaching sessions. My progress is a true testament to her help and with this I will be able to continue on my entrepreneurial journey.


Yoga Teacher

Assunta is a careful listener. She listens quietly, without judgement or gesticulation. This neutral listening, enables honesty. Her communication style is often quite visual, when there aren’t (and sometimes there aren’t) the right words she uses imagery to get to the point. Questions are always on point, they’re insightful and relevant establishing trust and enabling further sharing. I started the sessions with my guard up and by our final meeting I felt like I was having lunch with an old friend.


Writer & Project Manager

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