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If you want to make a change in your life, start from your Kokoro

I help individuals who are overwhelmed by stress to become more resilient so that they are free to live the life they want with more purpose and energy.

I really believe that If you find the courage to be honest with yourself, a new world of possibilities will open up for you.

By learning to nurture your kokoro (heart, emotions and mind), you’ll start tapping into your self-confidence, ambitions, and strengths.

I help you find the courage to challenge your beliefs, gain new perspectives and embrace the freedom to be your authentic self. If you are ready to go deep and feel everything, then we are ready to work together and create a plan for your dream aspirations!

I worked with Assunta for 3 months, and I have no words for how much transformation I underwent in such a short period of time. Assunta’s ability to listen deeply, guide and help me reflect, as well as holding a safe, compassionate space, meant I started to let go of so much negative self talk I’d been holding onto for so long. My work has only just begun, but my confidence has transformed and I feel armed with so many tools to continue discovering a more confident, happy self. I highly recommend it if you struggle with self-doubt which is impacting your ability to move forward.

Jade, Motions Graphic and Video Editor

Coaching Services

What Do I Coach On?

I help people to develop self-awareness and resilience to finally be their authentic selves and thrive in life and business.

My clients come from all walks of life and from different continents. This means they bring to coaching various challenges.

They are leaders from private and public sector; journalists, teachers, entrepreneurs; parents returning to work; athletes; artists, people who have lost resilience and seek to regain emotional and physical well-being, corporate escapers and corporate survivors who want to find their career purpose again, and more…

These are some of the areas I cover, but not limited to:


Resilience is the capacity for change. It means being able to navigate change with a flexible mindset, without compromising our own well-being. Instead, coming out of difficulties being stronger and wiser. Sometimes we feel we need to boost or develop resilience: I can help you to look at the pillars of resilience and build on them. Following a mindful and positive psychology approach I will help you to focus on what is strong, rather than wrong so that you can start flourishing in life.


You might have lost motivation in your current job, or you fancy a change but you don’t know where to start. O perhaps you have no idea of what’s going on in your career and you are looking for your ikigai again! Let’s chat! I’ve been there … not once, but several times! Sometimes we get so emotionally drained that we don’t realise we are on surviving mode. To get back to our thriving zone, we need to explore our values, purpose, strengths and current well-being situation. Let’s make a plan together to move forward!


We all feel we need more of this … but do we really? I will help you to gain an understanding of what self-confidence is, what it means to you and what you need to do to show up as your authentic confident self. Very often it might be that all you need is learning the power of self-compassion and a greater awareness of your strengths.

Parents Returning To Work

I’ve been there! Your whole world changes when you bring to life a little creature! So do your values perhaps, sometimes your self-esteem too. You start pondering what else you could do to not comprise the precious time you have with your baby. I can help you gaining clarity, looking at different options, learning the importance of self-care and self-compassion to keep a healthy positive mindset. Parenthood is an exciting and unique journey and I would be honoured to support you during this transition time.


I believe in a more conscious leadership. I believe if you show up as your authentic self at work and lead by heart, learn to listen and are not afraid of showing vulnerability, then your people will follow you. Conscious leaders have strong self-awareness, are mindful of the moment and treat people as unique human beings. The result is a more engaged team, a more purposeful leadership style and more happiness all around. If you too believe in this, then we can work together.

Starting A Business

Oh, I know how overwhelming this can be! So many things to think about and having no idea where to start from. The fear of failure, the excitement of something new, the fear of jumping into the uncertainty and the will of really wanting to create something that is YOURS. I can support you through this wonderful journey and help you find clarity and courage, set up short and long terms goals, and keep your well-being on track too. That’s so exciting- email me to schedule a free discovery call!.

That’s not all! I also coach on stress management, communication skills, wellness, anxiety, performance, relationships and whatever your challenge is.

If I can’t help you, I will let you know … That’s why our free discovery call is so important!

Personal Coaching

How And Where I Coach


I believe a clear mind keeps the body strong. My coaching conversations are two-way communication between the mind and the body. Drawing from a life time of being an athlete and my skills as a yogini, I won’t ignore what your body is communicating. Hence, I will use breathing and mindfulness techniques in my sessions if I think they are suitable, and if you agree, of course.

My approach is realistically positive, which means I believe is important to build a growth and positive mindset, focusing on what is strong.

We won’t ignore what is wrong, but we will reframe the negative and focus on amplifying the positive, develop self-acceptance and grow a learning mindset. Together with a body-mind approach.


If you are in London, we can most likely meet face to face and then decide where to keep having our sessions. If you are outside London, we can meet online through the channel we choose. I coach in English and Italian.

Getting Started is Easy

How It Works

1. Schedule a free discovery call

Email me to check for availability. My chemistry calls are usually up to 45 minutes. We will talk about your need and desire for coaching, contract ways of working together and decide if we are a good fit. Most likely already from this first consultation you will start noticing some benefits.

2. Choose a Kokoro plan

Once we decide we are good fit, you will choose a Kokoro coaching plan, sign our agreement, make the payment and get ready to start!

3. Start the journey!

We are in! You have started your Kokoro journey and together we will explore your goals, find the best ways to achieve them and very much working on your self-awareness to be able to build a realistic action plan. I am excited you have chosen Kokoro!


Kokoro Coaching Plans

Classic Kokoro

(6 Hours)


You reach out as you have something specific you want to work on. You commit to 6 sessions which you can take at the pace you want. You will be given exercises and access to techniques whenever it’s suitable.

You will have my support outside these sessions through emails.

6-Month Kokoro

(12 Hours)

Different challenges

If you are looking for a longer support and are ready to really go deep and explore your challenges, this might be for you.

12 sessions each 1h long. You will of course have access to my support between sessions through emails, and you will be given exercises and access to techniques whenever it’s suitable. Program must be finished in 6 months starting from first session.

12-Month Kokoro

(18 Hours)

Ongoing support

Are you starting a new journey? Perhaps a new business or project? A new life abroad? Or you have a specific ambition and goal you are working towards, but you know there is more than that and you would love someone to support you through whatever life throws at you during this journey…

I am here to support you throughout the whole year for 12 sessions of 1.30h each. You will of course have access to my support between sessions through emails, and you will be given exercises and access to techniques whenever it’s suitable.

One-Off Coaching Also Available

If you think you are not completely ready for coaching or you want to test first, or perhaps you have a very specific thing you want to tackle. This one-off 1.5 hour session might be for you.

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