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Coaching For Employee Engagement

What Is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is about creating a workspace which people feel they belong to, which they are committed to give their best to everyday and are motivated by the values and goals of the organisations.

If you feel Employee Engagement has become a bit of a buzzword in the last few years, I am with you. All companies aspire to have happy and committed employees, which in return means better performance and productivity.

What is an engaged employee?

Someone who is resilient, self-aware , informed, committed and healthy but also authentic, confident, listened to, cared for and with a Growth Mindset

Sounds wonderful, and it’s possible. But it requires a huge amount of passionate work to achieve this and we need to start with the Leaders.

What if we were to look at this with a more human approach?

Through: coaching, workshops and strategic planning, I strengthen the relationship between leaders, managers and their teams, helping them develop essential leadership and life skills, such as active listening, conscious leadership, resilience, self-care, empathy, caring, reflection, growth mindset, and self-awareness.

My work with Assunta has been absolutely transformational: her coaching style is supportive, challenging and aspirational! I feel this period of time with her has allowed me to be the most reflective and has shaped my future career more definitively than any other experienceor training that I have had since becoming a leader. I now have a different understanding and insight into my own leadership and communication styles and those of the people I work with.

Deputy Head Teacher

The session on resilience with Assunta was incredibly useful, allowing us to gain a few simple tips that can already change

your outlook and actions in such a short space of time.

Ruth Genelazo - Head of Customer Service & Experience, Resident UK

Coaching For Employee Engagement

Who Do I Coach?

I help leaders leaders  who struggle with retaining their people to create motivated and resilient teams so that their people feel a sense of purpose in driving business performance and feel so proud of working there that don’t want to go anywhere else.

Leaders who have the courage to show their authentic selves and allow space for self-nurturing can inspire people around them, increasing employee productivity and creating a more human culture in the workplace.

I believe in a more conscious leadership. Conscious leaders have strong self-awareness, are mindful of the moment and treat people as unique human beings. The result is a more engaged team, a more purposeful leadership style and more happiness all around. If you too believe in this, then we can work together!

Clients come from: BBC, UBS, Lloyds, Shell, Coop, Centrica, Walt Disney, American Express, Morgan Stanley, Treatwell, Resident UK, Cisco, MacMillan Cancer, EDF, JP Morgan, Accenture, Danone, Virgin Media and more.

Corporate Coaching

Getting To Engaged Employees


I draw from a wealth of experience leading employee engagement functions for major brands. Although, to be honest I have learnt a lot from just breaking a few rules …

I bring to companies a holistic approach, keeping ‘mind, heart and body’ connected, believing that we can’t exclude the role that healthy bodies and clear minds play at work.

When we start prioritising our well-being, and nurturing our desires, we start living more mindfully. That will impact every aspect of our lives and the people we lead …

My style is gentle, but challenging and realistically positive, which means I believe is important to build a growth and positive mindset, focusing on what is strong. We won’t ignore what is wrong, but we will reframe the negative and focus on amplifying the positive and grow a learning mindset.

My strength is embracing uncertainty and change with courage and determination: this will keep you curious and resourceful too!


I work with companies inside and outside of London. Sessions can take place in companies offices or offsite. If you are outside of the UK, we can meet online through the channel we choose. I coach in English and Italian.

Getting Started is Easy

How It Works

1. Schedule a free discovery call

Email me to check for availability. My consultation calls are usually up to 2hours for corporate work. We will talk about your needs and requirements, contract ways of working together and decide if we are a good fit.

2. Making a Kokoro proposal

Once we decide we are a good fit, I will prepare a tailored proposal for you. Whether we are talking about group work or 1to1 coaching, one size does not fit all. I really believe that to make a difference, we need to start from the kokoro of your organisation.

3. Start the journey!

We are in! You have started your Kokoro journey and together we will explore your goals, find the best ways to achieve them and working towards building a healthier, more resilient and human organisation culture. I am excited you have chosen Kokoro!

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