So excited to be delivering a series of workshops on resilience from the 15th of May 2019, at the Voewood, a boutique shop in the heart of Blackheath, London SE.

Inspired by Japanese culture, I have designed 6 workshops focused on exploring our Kokoro, a Japanese word that means feelings, mindset, emotions.

In a world where you are continuously asked to be mindFULL, you will learn ways to build resilience, gain more energy and change perspective, so that you can navigate day to day challenges with a more positive mindset.


In each session you will explore a different concept that will help you gaining a new perspective and tools to boost your resilience:

15th May, 7-9pm, Kokoro ( a Japanese word that means heart, feelings, mindset) you will:

  • Learn what resilience iswhat builds it , contributes it and breaks it
  • Share your stories
  • Practice and discover mindfulness
  • Boost your energy

22nd May 7-9pm, Ikigai: (a Japanese word that means purpose/reason to live) you will:

  • Learn how having purpose keeps us resilient
  • Discover our values
  • Discover what motivates us
  • Learn to overcome limiting beliefs to live more purposely
  • Discover and practice mindfulness

5th of June,7-9pm, Wabisabi (a Japanese concept that means ‘beauty in imperfection’) you will:

  • Discover beauty in imperfection and the role of self-acceptance in building resilience
  • Personify and manage our inner critics
  • Explore our character strengths
  • Practice mindfulness and visualisations

12th of June, 7-9pm, Otsukaresama: (a Japanese word to express appreciation and gratitude) you will:

  • Learn about the power of self-compassion
  • Broaden your experience of positive emotions to develop a more resilient mindset
  • Exercise gratitude
  • Meet your inner mentor
  • Practice mindfulness and visualisations

19th of June,7-9pm, Karada (Japanese word for body) you will:

  • Learn the importance of well-being in building resilience
  • Practice yoga and mindfulness to de-stress
  • Explore how our self-perception contributes to resilience

26th of June, 7-9pm, Origami, (Japanese art of paper folding) you will:

  • Learn about Origami and the power of making
  • Discover how creativity helps us boosting resilience
  • Find creative solutions to every day stress
  • Practice mindfulness and visualisations

Kokoro resilience program is a transformational journey: a mix of lectures, coaching exercises, mindfulness practice and visualisations, where in the end you will feel more energised, self-aware and able to manage stress in a more positive way.

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Each 2 hour workshop is £55. You can book one or more workshops as a stand-alone, or the full 6 weeks program.

If you go for the full program you will get a 10% discount: £297 instead of £330! Plus one hour follow up coaching session with me for free! (for the value of £90!).

But but …. there is an update! As it’s #mentalhealthawarenessweek I am offering a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE to those signing up this week! Email me to have the discount!

Places, are limited to 10 people per workshop.

Ready to book? Refer to the Voewood website here.

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