It’s the end of the week, and I’m getting ready to jump on a boat to go on holiday in France (we don’t do planes when we can do boats, it’s way more exciting!).

I’m excited by the prospect of having a break from my laptop and seeing an old friend.

But the idea of being off for a few days has made me reflect on my week. And then the week has become a few months. I then started reflecting on the beginning of my self employed journey, running Kokoro. How much I have learnt! What a journey it has been!

Do you want to know the whole truth, though? I am sure you do…

Well, it’s not been easy, but I didn’t expect it to be. I had to face my perfectionism, my uncontrollable curiosity which can be somehow distracting, my vitality, which often sends me to the edge of burn out, my annoying competitive nature and my fears. ‘Ah, there are so many brilliant people around with my same offer, how do I distinguish myself? Will I make it?’

But as I said in one of my previous posts, fear does not last for ever. In fact – as Dr Dweck says in her book ‘Mindset’ – abilities can be developed. It’s when you are in a constant learning curve with a #growthmindset, when you experience #difficulty that you get #smarter. So, I have learnt a lot and I keep learning and challenging myself.

Of course there are insecurities, perhaps some fears, but I don’t aim to be fearless. We all have fears, but I like creating a partnership with them, as if they had a character of their own. Then, I can understand what their motivations are to niggle me. I can establish that they are not the whole me, but just a part of me, which sometimes push me out of my comfort zone, other times are just annoying little voices with little purpose (you definitely want to read Brené Brown‘s work on vulnerability here!).

So, this leads me to think: what happens when an organisation employs a growth mindset, rather than a fixed mindset? What does it mean when a company encourages people to self develop and learn, rather than valuing talents that are already present or visible? They grow. People grow so does the company.

Especially, the trust people have in the company will grow because they know they are free to express themselves and learn. It’s in the learning curve and the possibility that they have been given to learn, that employees will find reward. Not in group thinking and fixed ideas of what talent should be.

How to encourage this culture of development and true self?

Here a few ideas:

  • Feedback, feedback, feedback: ask your people what they would like to see. They have their own brains! Invite them to be curious and suggest ways they would like to learn
  • Open various opportunities for learning, especially workshops, training managers to shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, brown bags sessions etc.
  • Coaching: look at the way your people are being coached. Ask questions: are your employees feeling stuck, blocked by fears, feeling that there are skills they can’t learn? Are they focusing on their strengths? or too much attention is been devoted to possible ‘weaknesses’? Focus on what is right and how you can improve these strengths (a little bit of positive psychology is always good!).
  • Look at your reward strategy: what is it that you are recognising? Only talents or also effort? Learning or only natural abilities?
  • Finally, inspire them by acting as a role model: are you sharing knowledge with your people? are you inspiring change and improvement? are you creating trust, listening to what people’s needs and ambitions are?

And if you need help to go underneath the skin of your organisation and drive a culture of development, call me! I would love to help you. Kokoro is all about mindset, mentality, and a heartfelt approach to people.

See you after my holiday!


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