The other day, one of my clients admitted that one of the reasons she decided to work with me was the fact that I used to be a competitive athlete.

“Surely, you will be able to help me with all the pressure I’m carrying at the moment…perhaps kick me on the behind if I need it ?!”

That made me smile. But it also made me reflect on what lessons I’ve learnt from sports and how I’ve applied them to my work and life so far.

I can think of 3 lessons:

  1. You have to have a clear mind to have a strong body. A relaxed and clean mind has more awareness of what’s going on within you and around you.
  2. Know as much as you can. Know what you are good at, what you are not good at, what the options are, what can happen, how you could react. Get and feel prepared.
  3. Trust the power of your mind. If you really want something, you can train your brain and body to achieve it, using all resources you have, and visualising your goal.

So, imagine you really, really want that promotion, or you’ve been invited as a speaker to a really important conference, or you’ve always wanted to move to another country, or you just signed up for your first marathon … ask yourself, is this HONESTLY what I really want? How would I feel if I could do it/have it?

If you decide that is your goal, then relaxing is a very good start (remember… clear mind…). Perhaps, you could begin creating space in your mind to observe all the thoughts, fears, excitement, plans, memories …you might see arriving. And accept these are just thoughts, but you are more than these! There is some space and stillness in your mind. That is the place where you can start doing some work.

Then, know as much as you need to know to feel ‘you’ve got it covered’. Know what and where you can learn the things that you’re missing right now; know how you can improve what you already have; learn what others might know that you don’t know. And what will you bring to that place?

And if you feel you are in a good place now, visualise the future. Your successful future. Perhaps, find a quiet space where you can isolate yourself from the rest. Imagine yourself to be in that situation. Visualise the sounds, the smells, the tastes. Imagine how you would feel if things were going as you wished. Perhaps thrilled, happy, accomplished, energised. Look around you and see yourself in that situation.

Your mind will really start shifting and seeing the future differently. You would be projecting yourself where you want to be. You will be realising that it is possible, if you’re confident that you have all the necessary resources to achieve it.

And of course, we don’t win all the time. I didn’t! But losing doesn’t prevent you from moving forward, in fact it’s a great learning experience.

I love visualisations. They are such a powerful and emotional tool to have!

How do you keep yourself motivated through a project or a dream?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

With kokoro,


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