Why Kokoro?

Kokoro Consultancy was born with the idea of allowing myself to experiment and live more by my values: freedom, honesty and humanity.

Free to be human and honest, allowing more space to experiment, fail, nurture, feel and explore. 

Why Kokoro? I am a fan of Japan, and this is not just a teenager love for mangas … I truly love the country, the history, the culture, the nature and the ever so hermetic and beautiful language. Kokoro is a Japanese word that doesn’t have a clear translation in English; in fact, it can have a shade of meanings depending on the context.

It means heart, but also mind, soul, emotionsfeelings, mindset. It’s a beautiful concept that represents what I would like to bring to all my clients: a space where people can nurture and develop their minds, emotions, and desires.  All of this through a true heartfelt approach.