Employee Engagement Coaching

Coaching for Employee Engagement

Coaching is non-advisory, non-judgmental conversation based approach with the aim of moving someone from where they are to where they want to be. It’s not directive and it strongly holds the belief that everyone has the right answers inside themselves. Coaching is about gently guiding the client through their journey, unleashing their potential and understandings. It’s positive, future looking and pragmatic.

We know Employee Engagement has become a bit of a buzzword in the last few years. All companies aspire to have happy and committed employees, which in return means better performance and productivity.

How does an engaged employee look like?

Resilient ~ Self-aware ~Informed ~Responsible ~ Committed ~ Healthy

                                                       but also …

Authentic ~ Confident ~ Listened to ~ Cared for ~ With a Growth Mindset

So, let’s look at it with a more human approach.

What’s on offer?

I work with leaders in organisations to create a culture of resilience and trust. I give them the freedom and self-awareness to be the leaders they aspire to be, in a genuine and healthy way. 

Leaders who have the courage to show their authentic selves and allow space for self-nurturing can inspire people around them, increasing employee productivity and creating a stronger culture of humanity in the workplace.

Through  coaching, workshops and strategic plans, I strengthen the relationship between leaders, managers and their teams, helping them develop essential leadership and life skills, such as active listening, resilience, self-care, empathy, caring, reflection, growth mindset, and self-awareness.

My style & approach

I bring to companies a holistic approach, keeping ‘mind, heart and body’ connected, believing that we can’t exclude the role that healthy bodies and clear minds play at work.

When we start prioritising our well-being, and nurturing our desires, we start living more mindfully. That will impact every aspect of our lives.

My style is gentle, but challenging, always empathic and creative. My strength is embracing uncertainty and change with courage and determination, which keeps me curious and resourceful.

I draw from a wealth of experience leading employee engagement functions for major brands and from being a competitive athlete. And yet, honestly, I have learnt a lot from just breaking a few rules …

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