Coaching for Employee Engagement

I work with leaders in organisations to create a culture of resilience and trust. I give them the freedom and self-awareness to be the leaders they aspire to be, in a genuine and healthy way. 

Leaders who have the courage to show their authentic selves and allow space for self-nurturing can inspire people around them, increasing employee productivity and creating a culture of humanity in the workplace.

Personal Coaching

I give people the freedom to be themselves, overcome their fears and open up new worlds of possibilities – not just dreams, but plans.

By learning to nurture your kokoro (mindset, emotions and desires), you’ll start tapping into your self confidence, ambitions, and strengths. You will discover how to develop your resilience and find the courage to be who you want to be.

My unique approach: I believe a clear mind keeps the body strong.  My coaching conversations are two-way communication between the mind and the body.