About Me

Who am I?

Sounds like a million dollar question, I know. And I don’t quite like static definitions, but I feel comfortable saying that I am a coach, communications professional, entrepreneur, innovator, athlete, yogini, and a mum. Perhaps, I have a bit of an unusual background and have experimented with different ‘self identities’ throughout my life.

I was once a journalist in Italy (my country of origin), writing, at first, about sports and actually not enjoying it so much. But I’ve always loved hearing stories from people and being able to translate them into words, which are easy to be read by others, as if they were letters addressed to them. I kept hold of the passion for writing, but not for journalism.

For a long time, I was also an international competitive athlete (in TaeKwonDo), and I felt that identity so strongly rooted in me: the resilience, the mind of a champion, the discipline, the glory, the sacrifices, the adrenaline, the feeling that everything is possible…

All of this is still with me, although expressed in different forms and through new channels.

I have then moved around quite a bit: writing in South America, working in the Non for Profit sector in the UK and Asia, and teaching in South Korea, then moving into senior roles in innovation, communications and employee engagement in London, and finding some stillness through practicing and teaching yoga.

In London, I have worked for big brands like Kantar Media, lastminute.com, Tesco, Photobox and Moonpig. Each time, I was hired to change and define corporate cultures, to engage employees through creating a sense of belonging, to spread innovation, to make spaces more personal and human … I’ve loved my journey so far.

Yet, I also felt that I was missing a true connection with what I loved the most: people. I felt that, despite the vision of wanting to keep employees engaged,  wanting to create inspiring communications plans, I was not making the difference I wanted.

I discovered that, by holding a safe space where people feel comfortable in having genuine conversations, I can see people changing and becoming more honest with themselves. They start accepting who they are, without fear but with the confidence and the resilience of a curious explorer.

My journey as a coach has started from here.